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What is Premium Shop? Have you ever dreamed to be more powerful? Do you want to crack and slash the monsters more chipper? Want to level up quicker and speed up the game progress? Premium shop helps you!!

Premium shop provides you superb weapons, equipment, in-game gold, experience, stones...and many other special stuffs. By using the stuffs your game will be more exciting and fun! Trust us! Buy your own premium items today!

How to use our premium shop? It is simple! Just register a MochiGames account (which is also used to save your game progress to the server so next time you can play from where you quitted last time) and purchase the superb stuffs by using your credit card or Paypal!


How can I make a MochiGames account and Login?

1. Go to and create your own MochiGames account.

2. Login the game with your MochiGames account. Click "Login" button on the bottom right of the game screen first, then click the MochiGames button.

3. Input your Username and Password and click the "Login" button. Back to the game window you will find that you have logged in!


Where can I access to the Premium Shop?

You can access it from the below 5 places: At the beginning of the game, at Susan's shop, at Gran's shop, at Chung's shop, and on the menu panel.


How can I purchase items?

1. Enter Premium Shop from one of the 5 Premium Shop portals in game.

2. Choose a type of items from the catalogue and it leads you to the item list page.

3. Select the items and their quantities you want to buy, then click "Buy Items" button.

4. A confirmation window will pop up to ensure your purchase. Click "Buy Items" button again.

4. Now you purchase is done and items are saved in game.

5. Close the premium shop window and back to game. A message will be shown on the screen and it leads you to a gold treasure chest.

5. You open the chest and grab your purchased items by pressing "J". Items will be picked up and saved to your inventory!

6. Have fun with the awesome stuffs then!! :)

.[Notice] If you bought premium items, for continuous using of your premium items, remember not to start a new game but always load your saved game (always click "Continue" to load your saved game). Starting a new game will cause lost of all your premium items.



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