Business Development





If you are interested in the below way of cooperation please feel free to drop us an email to: funnaut[at] We are glad to hear from you!

1. Purchase a license of Arcuz (recommend to big sites)

You can purchase a non-exclusive site-locked license from us. We will customize the game with your Branding and 3rd party components removed.

2. Download the free version and put on your site (recommend to small sites)

If you own a small site (low traffic) and you like to put Arcuz on your site. Here we have the free version for you. The free version has our ads and micro-transaction system embedded. You use it but cannot amend it. Download the Free Version Here.

3. Translate Arcuz into your language

.If you are a site owner and are interested in translate Arcuz into your language please let us know. We can sell you a Non-exclusive sitelocked "your language" version of Arcuz in a good price. We will send you the in game text and what you need to do is translate them and send us back. Then we will make a "your language" version for you. So you will be the only one who own your language version of Arcuz and it helps you drive traffic to your site! Sounds great isn't it?

4. Purchase Artwork

If you like to use the artwork of Arcuz to develop your own game, you can purchase the artwork license from us. We will deliver you the animations in .gif or .fla file.

5. Migrate to other consoles

Considering its high quality, we would like to see Arcuz on other consoles like NDS, etc. If you are a console developer and would like to migrate Arcuz to other consoles we are happy to hear from you.

6. In-Game-Advertisement

Arcuz is an eye-catching game.  If you want to promote your brand or products in the game or its expansion package please let us know. (For example we can put your cola in game. You drink it you get your health recovered.)

7. Cooperate to develop a multiplayer game

 We have a very perfect single player system now. If you have experience on multiplayer game development and would like to turn Arcuz into a MMOARPG please let us know.

8. We develop game for you

Funnaut is able to develop high quality games for you. Please see details on About us page.


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